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***SAVE THE DATE:*** Monday, June 25th, 2018 Over the last few years, CSI Philly has been doing our best to bring to the Philadelphia area some great opportunities for the AE and construction community to come out, network, as well as be educated about many topics. In doing so, CSI Philly has believed that hosting these events at the AIA Center for Architecture + Design is a vital step in the continued growth of our community. CSI Philly has also tried to give product reps opportunities to showcase their materials. As a product rep myself, I know many times you must weigh out the return on investment for these kinds of things. For this reason, we are ready to announce the first:
Registration options: Full day 11:00am – 8:00pm AIA, CSI, Member $10, Non-Member $15 This will include a lunch and light dinner. All drinks non-alcoholic and alcoholic. You will be able to receive 2 CE credits.
Half day 1:30pm – 8:00pm AIA, CSI, Member $5, Non-Member $10 This will include light dinner and all drinks non-alcoholic and alcoholic. You will be able to receive 1 CE credits. Register Here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KwJani7HY0Lpyktc7FtB8l92cMA8Hx0NqXwFs-YbclQdmIRaU3pg7s-WWDD4YdZfaLOd0L6mvr-An14TmiSaT_uw9OVhy22VWHH-L7RTVwbfsjG3y0wQkk5h3KEdgsODkiTtNsm5JYcd9gbbL8adK2O0Ashawk56MHbMx12G6feLf1GQOa7PmgKCX0SZrj9ZTsjRO0fZJqzWwU-YyPrwyCpQPXw-yTF7HiEHrSBzPYnpdDd4p3S6CJEryuaPT613baZsyjB2SryBb1Qjjpa4-qP8KJHeIkLvgasqAeYp0T8sJFQ8QY0f4IlEDPUKC6zD1kPSyUOdqkIjQehBBv5RvFrvN7zdrAf7LG2crkfiC2rsFcl7GPSJISzpGFlg1hklJN5BPqr19Uhqu6i_RsuIeKjRKDxsqRAHlTQCJ3xg7tU=&c=tUi7kXcQbjGJKgsGDRfO8etDVKWLaDakq7j_qCm2gLIHOffxNlxKuw==&ch=rsxRcookC_oyOllfC0PTP7IFDezYkOziREy6N39i6vYvfM_2svgxxg==] Location: Center for Architecture + Design: 1218 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 Schedule: 11:30am – Doors open. Drinks and snacks will be available all day. 12:00pm – Lunch will be provided with open bar. Speaker: Van Burriss Capricorn Industrial Sales Co., Inc Topic:The impact of NFPA 285: Selecting the best membrane and foam insulation for your Exterior Wall Assembly 1:00pm – Bazaar Floor Open, open bar, networking, tables will be available in the center of the room as well in case you need to take time and talk. 3:00pm – Speaker: TBA Topic:The Truth of Value Engineering 4:30pm – Dinner will begin to be served 6:00pm – Speaker: Ujjval Vyas Principal at Alberti Group, LLC Topic:The architects Understanding of the Value and Risk they have as it Relates Directly to their Profit 7:00pm – Bazaar Floor Open, open bar, networking, and discussion 8:00pm – End (COME BACK NEXT YEAR) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
$300 Participation Sponsor
* Tabletop display during the event. * Logo will be on all communication for the June event. This will include over 250 postcards, that will be distributed. * 3 Full day passes
$1000 Silver Event Sponsor (limited space)
* All off the above PLUS * Your tabletop will be set up in the main room * Logo and detail information will be in the Bazaar handout booklet given to everyone who attends * 5 free customer passes
$500 Sponsor
* All off the above PLUS * Company logo will appear on CSI Philly website until May 2019 * Company name and logo recognition display sign through May 2019 * Logo information will be in each newsletter through May of 2019
$1250 Gold Event Sponsor (limited space, first-come basis)
* All off the above PLUS * You will be given 5 minutes to present your company prior to one of the presentations the day of the Bazaar. * You will also get 5 minutes to present your company and products at one other event of your choosing in the 2018-2019 year.
Please contact:
Brian Conroy csiphilly.president@gmail.com 973-768-5347
John Conway johnc@dur-a-flex.com 860-528-9838 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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