Privacy Statement

For visitors to our internet site, it’s simple: we just want to provide information that is useful.  We do not track site visitors, we do not know who you are, nor do we want to.a  We do not accept credit card payments, so there is no need for “secure” transactions.

If you call or write, we will of course follow up — once.  We won’t bombard you with membership applications or mailings.  If you want to receive regular mailings, you must become a member.

For our members, the list of member addresses that we receive from Institute contain fields that allow one to opt out of inclusion on the annual roster, third-party mailings (you will still receive Institute and Chapter mailings), faxes, and email.b  Please visit the Institute site for details.  The Chapter strives to comply with these guidelines.


a 08/2013 – We do not track individual visitors; we do track visits to our site in aggregate to the extent allowed by law. For more information please read the privacy policies of Google Analytics here.

b 3/12/02 – The chapter from time to time is requested to provide a list of members for third-party mailings.  We often refuse these requests.  If the chapter Officers deem the request to be valid to the mission of the organization and of interest to the membership (e.g. a neighboring chapter wants to announce its Product Show), we provide them with printed (not electronic) address labels stripped of phone numbers and email addresses.  The selections mentioned above (no third-party mailings) are honored.  We do not ever provide phone numbers or email addresses to anyone except chapter Officers using them for chapter business.